In collaboration with our partner ITERAL Management SA, we offer Projecto® training, a modular concept that adapts to your needs. This is a proven formula with more than 12,000 trained participants.

Project managers, SME executives, engineers, administrative managers, social workers, public service managers, IT specialists, project team members or simply interested in project management, this training is for you!

A seminar to appreciate and make a success of your projects

Every human being has already done dozens of projects. Life is a succession, an incessant tangle of projects. But how to efficiently manage projects in the specific context of a company, from the simple to the most complex, involving several services and individuals without hierarchical connections?

Based on the individual experience of each participant, Projecto® develops new skills to increase the efficiency of designers, undertake with enthusiasm, go faster and succeed more often.


  • Understanding the essence of the project approach
  • Mastering the success factors of projects
  • Learning the instruments of project management
  • Practicing without delay in your field of activity
  • To suceed in your projects


  • How to organize and manage the scattered activities of several people who each carry out the specific order of a customer?
  • How to focus efforts to achieve a priority goal?
  • How to adapt the company to its changing environment?

Project-driven management is a tool that responds well to these concerns. The Projecto® seminar facilitates the integration of project-based management in the company’s management system.


The Projecto® concept is strongly inspired by recent research on project dynamics. Understanding the progressive development of knowledge and mastering the gradual decline in freedom of action are major assets for the success of projects.

The animation of the seminar is designed to best integrate modern concepts of memorization with many practical workshops.

Seminar Content

  • The project: its properties, its phasing, its iterative development
  • Its objectives: their formulation, their prioritization
  • Its organization: structure, financing, decision, execution
  • Planing deadlines and activities: various types of plans (PERT, Gantt…)
  • Planing Resources: Estimated Cost Estimates
  • The follow-up of the project: its conception, the triangle costs – deadlines – results
  • The project team: leadership, delegation, motivation…
  • Communication: strategic analysis, functional communication

The seminar

2 x 2 days, standard format

  • Dynamic animation by experienced professionals
  • A practical application on participants’ projects
  • Clear documentation
  • A tailor-made approach modeled on the specificities of your company
  • The integration, if any, of your project management tools

This seminar can be organized for your company (in French or English) or followed individually during the inter-company sessions organized by Itéral on Geneva and Lausanne (agenda available on the website)

At the end of the seminar, participants

  • know the specificity of a project
  • are able to develop a project plan
  • are able to formulate precisely the objectives of their projects
  • know how to design a phasage
  • are able to develop a planning
  • are able to prepare a follow-up
  • know the role of the main project actors and the mission of the project manager as well as his decision-making skills
  • have benchmarks to lead a project team
  • know the success factors of the projects
  • have presented a project
  • have put into practice the main tools of project management

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